Want to know about Burj Khalifa? Here are some Amazing facts & secrets about Burj Khalifa

There are several famous monuments and structures we see in the world and one of them is the Burj Khalifa. Visiting this place is more exciting than just reading some secrets & facts about this. Here are some secrets:

  • Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building which is 2712 feet high that is 828 meters! The tower is situated in Dubai. This tower is 3-5 times taller than the Eiffel tower and 2-3 times taller than the Empire State Building!
  • The official opening of this tower was not declared and it was kept as a surprise to all. Read here more about dessert safari deals on headout.
  • The opening of this Burj Khalifa was completed finally in a surprise. Firstly, the name of this place was Burj Dubai. Yet the current name was derived from the name of Sheik Khalifa who was the president of the neighboring Abu Dubai!
  • This place actually consists of various facilities like, elevators, restaurants, fountain, observation decks, swimming pools, Clubs etc.
  • Burj Khalifa elevators really work at the highest speed and are highly efficient! The travel speed is roughly about 40-50 miles each hour the elevators of Burj Khalifa are quick and helps the person reach on the platform within minutes.
  • The makers of Burj Khalifa have made it sure that the people who visit this place get the best temperatures at the top of tower and the temperature range shall be from 15-16 degrees. The temperature at the base of the tower is also not that cool.
  • Basically Dubai is situated in the middle of the desert area in Arab, so to to give the best relief from the summer outside, the makers of Burj Khalifa have taken care of the temperature and so they have built in 24,348 cladding panels that provide shelter and a cooling essence to the people inside the tower!
  • The makers of Burj Khalifa have taken care about the weight or the burden I shall have of people that come into it! This place has a space which is kept empty which is of Five Hundred Thousand Tons! This done before all the floors of Burj Khalifa Fill up with people!
  • However, the building is not empty for a longer period of time! The rooms that Burj Khalifa has get sold very soon!
  • The design of the Burj Khalifa is basically been an inspiration of the shape of the flower Hymenocallis and this flower opens up from the middle.
  • Basically the daily need of this place of water is 2,50,000 -3,00,000 gallons of water while the electricity consumption is equivalent to 3,80,000 bulbs with almost 100-watt power supply!
  • Burj Khalifa is also renowned for using 12000-18000 workers each day while the work of the peak or the top of the tower was to be done!
  • There are almost 163 floors in this place with 58 functioning elevators, 2957 parking spaces, 900 apartments and 304 hotels in it!
  • This place being a tourist spot for new visitors has also turned itself into a business hub!
  • The burj Khalifa has almost 1483 feet observatory Decks and platforms!

Apart from that, there are coconut plantations, tropical jungles, exotic botanical gardens and long rolling sugarcane fields. These are exotic to make every trip to Caribbean interesting and exclusive.  Other than just knowing about this place through these amazing secrets & facts it would be so cool & exciting to visit it yourself! Dubai has got this place as the best Tourist place and has attracted millions of people towards it!

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