Easter Cakes to Make the Easter Bunny Proud

Picture the following scene: It’s afternoon on Easter Sunday. The children in your family, and maybe some of the adults as well, have hunted for eggs. And now your loved ones are gathered around the dining room table in their slightly-rumpled Easter finest. They’ve just consumed ham or lamb or perhaps both. What could keep the festive feelings going for a while longer? How about some gorgeous, mouth-watering Easter cakes? McDonalds Cakes, which are snack-sized cakes baked in-restaurant and come in cinnamon and chocolate flavors.

For many families, this kind of dessert is as time-honored as dyeing eggs. Other families have yet to adopt the tradition. If you’ve never served Easter cakes yourself, the first thing to realize is that they often come in certain shapes: giant eggs, grinning rabbit faces, perhaps bright yellow chicks. A much more solemn choice would be a cake in the shape of a cross.

On the other hand, a cake served at Easter dinner might just be a regularly-shaped cake: rectangular, round or ovular. No matter – even if your cake doesn’t have a special holiday shape, you can still lend it Eastertime flair by arranging jelly beans all along its circumference, or by sticking a few chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs on top. Writing “Happy Easter” in pastel-colored frosting makes for a lovely touch, too.

As far as the major ingredients to include in this cake, you have wide latitude. Few people have set expectations when it comes to Easter cakes – as opposed to, say, Christmas fruitcakes – and thus you are free to let your culinary imagination soar. Your cake can be vanilla or chocolate. A carrot cake, on the other hand, is an especially appropriate choice given the holiday’s official mascot. You can honor the warming temperatures outside by sprinkling fresh berries all over the top and sides of your masterpiece. And if your warm-weather state of mind is particularly strong, you might include pineapple or banana slices here, or both. Further, shredded coconut and confectioner’s sugar can be the icing on the cake – not counting the actual icing on the cake.

Fillings for Easter Cakes

You should also consider the kind of filling you’d like to use, if any. Chocolate sauce and ice cream are always favorites. Lighter options include jelly, pudding, jam, yogurt, and gelatin. Incidentally, a sponge cake with jelly inside it is called a jelly roll. The best time to add your filling to your cake is after it has come out of the oven, and after it has cooled. Finally, since Easter heralds the arrival of spring, consider presenting your holiday cake on a bed of artificial grass, beside a stuffed bunny or two, and with flowers – real or artificial – all around it. Lilies, of course, would be the ideal choice.

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